8 Amazing Kitchen Tricks and Tips

Are you a good cook? Are you able to do things in your kitchen with amaze ease and success? My article today will reveal you some amazing tricks and tips so that you can do things in our kitchen simply and effortlessly.


1. Peel Ginger With A Spoon

Traditionally, we use a vegetable peeler or a paring knife to peel the ginger. But this seems to be tricky as it comes with a lot of bumps and irregularities. You can do this familiar work more easily with a spoon. Simply scrape the tool against the skin until it comes right off, then follow the contour and lessen waste.

2. Make Uses Of The Immersion Blend

This is the electric tool that I use most in my kitchen because it has a long shot. It is functional in a wide range of jobs. I use it to purée soups straight in the pot, remove unpleasant lumps in the cheese sauce, or make mayonnaise within less than two minutes. The benefits of this tool that it is easier to clean compared to a food processor or a countertop blender, it doesn’t require us to move hot things from a pot to the blender jar and it can deal with even little ingredients ( but you need to insert a cup which is properly fitted its head).


3. Push Citrus With A Small Strainer

I have a handy strainer in my tool rock, which I often use to cut a lime or lemon in a half and directly crush it via the strainer into the pot. This is much easier than pushing in the pot and then pick out seeds. Try this, and you will feel regret that you don’t know this earlier.

4. Make Dish With Eggs With The Small Strainer

Yeah, with the same strainer to push citrus above, you can make perfectly-shaped poached eggs. Simply crash the eggs into the strainer with the sink under, then gently spin them around take away the extra watery white. Don’t stop spinning until the left is a firm and egg-shaped egg. Also, this trick can applied for picture-perfect, poster glamour-shot-ready fried eggs.

5. Work Clean

Maybe one of the most concerning issues when cooking in the kitchen is the mess which is normally caused by poor task planning. You often finely dice four onions which need peeling and then put them into a large bowl, right? But this is actually a waste of time with so many steps. Instead, you can plan the work as in a factory: cut off the end part and split the onions, peel them all, then do horizontal cuts, then vertical cuts. In the end, put the perfect onion dice into the bowl and clean the board and the surrounding area before moving to the following task. Always think in this way while doing your kitchen tasks, not only will you use your time more effectively, you will also make things cleaner, neater and better-organized.

6. Use A Rubbish Bowl And A Bench Scraper

It is recommended that you should always have a rubbish bowl near the space where you work most. I totally agree with this, even, suggest that you should also add a bench scraper as a vital piece kit. Walking back and forth to the garage bin several times during cooking is such as waste of time and makes you tired and a bench scraper is deal to transfer a wide ranges of fiddly ingredients or scraps between point A and point B in your kitchen. So have you got a rubbish bowl and a bench scraper in your kitchen? Let’s equip them right now.

7. Freeze Proper Amount Of Liquid

Some people are used to freezing wine in ice cube trays, then store in the freezer. When they want to drink, they pull out one at a time and put them into a pan sauce and stew, making you free from opening the whole bottle whenever you need. Likewise, you can make a large batch of stock, then divide them intp proper portion and put them the freezer, remember to use a plastic freezer bag to cover them, and whenever you want a fresh stock, pull out some.

8. Defrost Meat With An Aluminum Tray

Traditionally, we defrost meat with a cold running tap. It is effective, but you can even make it faster and more water-saving by putting the meat on aluminum sheet tray. Aluminum is good at transferring heat and transferring surrounding energy into your frozen meat. The process is faster than using a wooden cutting board or stone countertop. By this way, you can save 30 percent of defrosting time. This tricks is helpful to various frozen food, including stews, soups, and everything which is frozen flat.

Final Words

Here are just 8 out of many other helpful kitchen tricks. They are all easy to follow and efficient with amazing result. Why don’t you try them right now? And if you have any more secrets, don’t reluctant to share with us.

Diana Callahan

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