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You have just married and your “small family” is going to live apart from your parents? You are making list of essential tools to include in your new kitchen? So this article is really for you. I am going to show you some of essential tools that you should really have in your kitchen. Even those, who are experienced housewife or those who have had their kitchen in use should refer this as we will give you a complete picture for a perfect kitchen. Are you ready to discover now?


1. Knives

Yeah, this is one of the first must-have tools for your kitchen. It is necessary for you to deal with vegetables, fruits or meat; to slice, chop or dice something. You should equip at least two kinds of knives in your kitchen, a high-quality chef’s knife to deal with bid stuff and a paring one to deal with small things. Consider the items which are comfortable to use and balance with our hand.

2. Cutting Board

Together with knives is a cutting board. It is recommended choosing a cutting board made of wood as it is easy for you to handle your knife on it and it is also sturdy and durable to use. A dedicated one is also suggested. It is helpful to deal with foods like meat, poultry and sea food. However, if your kitchen is tight in size, then it is not necessary. Just remember to clean and dry your cutting board after dealing with things like seafood or raw meats to avoid contamination.

3. Other Tools

A well-organize kitchen should include some other tools, at least a vegetable peeler, a pair of scissors and a hand-operated can opener. To make sure that you do not miss any necessary tools when shopping, then you should pick up tool sets.

4. Mixing Bowls

Let’s count how many times a month you need to do mixing to prepare food in your kitchen. Several times, right? Then mixing bowls are necessary to make this easier and more convenient. These tools are often introduced in nesting bowls, so they do not occupy much of your space. And it is suggested selecting those which have lids because they can keep leftovers. A multitasking tool is worth considering especially when your budget and space are restricted.

5. Measuring Cup

We tend to use the same measuring cups for both dry and liquid ingredients. But in fact, those for each are slightly different in design to deal with the inborn from dry and wet ingredients. Wet ones are designed with a spout for easier pouring. If it is made of tempered glass, the built-in vessel can include hot liquids and you can put it in the microwave. An ideal wet measuring cup is the one that comes with metric and standard units. Dry measuring cups are supposed to be filled up to the top and leveled off, so they are designed to be handy. And an ideal dry measuring cup is the one which is made of stainless steel.

6. Measuring Spoons

Measuring spoons are crucial in your kitchen to make sure that your food is always find–tasted. When shopping for it, choose a set with which you can divide between the spoons and the ring and the set which comes with a handy measuring half-tablespoon.

7. Colander

Food like pasta or noodles is favorite food to many people. And to make it at home conveniently and easily, you should never forget colander. This tool is either made of plastic or metal, but the metal ones seem to be preferred. Apart from paste or noodles, a colander is also helpful when you want to drain cooked vegetables, make spatzle, and rinse salad greens.

8. Nonstick Saucepan

A nonstick saucepan makes cleanup as simple as a breeze. This tools in available in a wide range of sizes. If you cook for one, or two, look for the one which is 2-quart pot. If you need to serve more, choose the one of lager size.

9. Nonstick Frying Pan

Nonstick frying pan is one more integrated tool for your kitchen. It is helpful in various situations, whether you are browning or frying, you need it. Some of food kinds made with it include stir-fries, omelets, pancakes, hamburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches. As you shop for it, look for the one with a lid so that you can also cook in it and protect your food getting pattered.

10. Dishware

After careful preparation and cooking, it’s time to show your food, and dishware is essential or you to put it on. While the low-priced table wares are not very durable, good-looking ones are rarely found being broken at the bank. Buying what item is up to you, but if like a dinnerware set, then chose the ones which come with at least a salad plate, a dinner plate, mug and bowl.

The tools above are not all, but they are essential for convenient cooking in the kitchen. As you experience, you will have some more ideas, so share us later.

Diana Callahan

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