How To Decorate A Large Kitchen?

You have a very large kitchen? You are managing to decorate it but things still look messy? So you are in right place. My honest How to decorate a large kitchen today will help find helpful solution to the large kitchen that you are about to decorate.

To make sure that you understand the issues of a large kitchen, then have the best solution to deal with it, I’d like to organize the article with the structure: The common problem that a large kitchen often have, and then the possible solution to come over it. By this way, you will clearly understand each problem and know exactly what to do for each. So are you ready to give your large kitchen a nicer look now?


Problem No 1: No flat flow

Have you ever felt tired at your legs as if you have just run a long way after cooking a simple dish? I’ve heard several complaints about it among large kitchen owners. And after some trials, I find that the reason behind this is that you have spent too much time walking around your kitchen to take necessary things and tools for your cooking. In fact, a far distance between storage places within the kitchen can considerably waste your energy while cooking, resulting not only bad feeling but also less effective cooking.

Solution: Make a nearer and tighter work triangle

The key secret for every kitchen (not just large kitchens) is to create a tight ‘work triangle’. It hears somehow complicated at first, but it simply means shorten the distance between stove, sink and refrigerator. But do not make them too near as the too-small distance can raise the risk of knocking things over when you are working. It is suggested that a proper arrangement for the triangle is that each of its point is from four to eight feet apart. Plus, try to make the triangle the most compact possible and identify a proper balance for your own space and your individual preference.

Problem No 2: Too large space

Too much space in the kitchen can create feeling of coldness. Also, it can make cooking inefficient because of far distance between appliances, especially when the appliances are arranged far from each other. Many kitchen owners choose to place thing together against the walls, but then, they find too much empty space at the center, resulting in a not very nice look. So what is the most perfect solution to the issue?

Solution: Fill the empty space

Filling up empty space in the kitchen doesn’t deal with not only things to put in but also how to order the things. And luckily, large areas are great to build island-style layout in which you create independent island to for new measurement for the ‘work triangle’. Another suggestions is to set up a breakfast table in the kitchen for another focal point in the room.

Problem No 3: A messy layout

With things and appliance are put pointlessly, your kitchen is made to be messy room. And of course, a bad layout cannot go with sufficient cooking and good feelings. One more point, you can be involved in injuries when encountering heavy human traffic problems in the kitchen.

Solution: Pick up a certain layout which is best suited for your kitchen’s style

No matter how large or narrow your kitchen is, it will conform to one of common layouts like island-style, galley-style, L-shaped style, U-shaped style.. It is not difficult to choose one out of the layouts once your kitchen is extensive enough and have rectangular. In more details, L-shaped or galley-style layout is most suited for a narrow and long kitchen. U-shaped or island-style layout works best in a large and square kitchen. if you want, you can even build a double galleys, using two facing lines, one in the countertop and the other on the cabinets for space for preparing and storing.

Final words

Above are three most problems that a large kitchen owner often have. I hope that the proven solutions posed will be helpful for you. And you can read more tips here

Diana Callahan

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