The Nigerian BlogSpace: The Beautiful Blogs Are Not Yet Born...

Pardon me for biting off of Ayi Kwei Armah style, the idea was too irresistible. I'd like to play BloNgville police in this post. My opinion is that there is a lot of room for some advocacy blogs and even some more targeted personal blogs. Nigerian eMoms ought to stand up. Do you know there are is no single trade blog in blogsville? (If you know one let me Know)
That brings me to the main gist. Below are a few ideas of blog themes I'd like to see.
1. I'd like to see a Nigerian butcher blogging about the problems and the issues arising in the abbatoir's politics. I'd like to read complaints about the lorries that got stuck in traffic.
2. I'd like to see an Okada (motorbike) operator discussing issues relating to running an okada business in Lagos. I want these blogs complete with the vernacular and wrong spellings.
3. I'd like to see stay at home mums write about the rigors of daily life.
Some say I am a dreamer (biting the lyrics of a song), and you may have mentally crossed out the idea of an Okada rider at the cybercafe updating his blog. This scenario can be turned on its head, thereby making it feasible if there is a model that makes it worthwhile for him to do this. The ruling class have monopolized information for a long time on the African continent. Progress would be made less painful as more information gets democratized.
What would you like to see?
This post was inspired by Imnakoya's question.

7 Reaction(s):

Anonymous said...

You are a dreamer indeed.

Refinedone said...

Dreamers are visionaries...
" Vision add value to everything"
-John C Maxwell.

Omodudu you desire more form Naija blogSpace... Keep on stiring :)

Naijadude said...

Hmmm seems to me more like you are a dreamer, but those are interesting themes and I would really love to see it, coming to reality?? I doubt it!

Afolabi said...

i tink there is diversity in the Nigerian blogsville...and pple please visit my blog and leave your comments.

laspapi said...

how about the provision of computers and internet access to the okada riders and butchers, omodudu? We have to sort the infrastructure first, I think.

Omodudu said...

@laspapi, those are infrastructural limitations, only a matter of time before those kinks are ironed out, you watch. Computers and the internet will become common place in a few years, going by the present cost structure of the IT industry.

Atala Wala Wala said...

I can see why people would be cynical of your dreams. Most people think that a butcher or an Okada rider would have better things to do than to visit an internet cafe and start blogging. (In fact, the idea sounds even quite surreal.)

But such cynics underestimate the desire for people to want their voices to be heard. Have you ever seen those news clips on TV where they're interviewing an aggrieved man on some matter? Do you notice the pain and passion in his voice as he rants? I do think that if an Okada rider knew the audience that his blog would be getting by airing his thoughts on a blog, he would want to become a blogger.

I think this would work best if there was some literary intermediary who interviewed the Okada rider, drew out of him the most interesting aspects of his life and wove these into a tapestry of fact and fiction to entrance the reader.

Interested, Omodudu?

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