Obasanjo's End Game

What if Yaradua decides to turn on OBJ using the EFCC? Am I reading too much meaning into Mr Yaradua's recent statements, or could Mr Yaradua be a tough cookie himself?Mr OBJ turned on those that put him in power, will he be given a dose of his own medicine? I understand many are frustrated and have decided to take up a siddon-look posture towards Nigeria's politricking, but really, my people there is a possibility that the season finale of this soap opera may turn out to be more interesting than expected.
12 Step Program
Too bad, life has cut into my blogging time. My 12 step program to combat the over stimulation which is caused by the intake of too much information is underway.
My first 3 steps which I have implemented with varying success is as follows.

  • Offline time starts at 9.30pm
  • Reduce feeds by half, I have only 73 feeds now.
  • Quit debating pointless policy issues with folks that obviously know much more than I do.
Have a rewarding work week guys.
Note: Do you guys read Benin Mwangi's blog, the dude is good yo! (My NY ghetto-ness raring its ugly head grr!)

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Boso said...

I hope you haven't dropped my blog feed o......lol.

I'm not sure Ya'ardua can go after OBJ, in the same way OBJ didn't have the guts to go after IBB.....

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