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Dudu's Speedlinks 060807

No more helicopter rides uhn, OBJ finds himself stranded in traffic.
Now there is a blogsville idol. Wow, I'd support anything Nigerian, this may be your only claim to fame, so you go Simon Kolawole and Paula Adu.
I thoroughly enjoyed all the positive post from TED Global.
Kofi asked a great question about branding Africa, I am a bit cynical about Pan-Africanism, how I wish there were more contributors on his post.
Chimanda received the Orange prize, I am a bit lost on this one, a few bloggers mentioned this feat, it must be a really big deal. Am I the only one yet to read her book, I feel so unpatriotic.
Of course Yar'Adua repping at the G8 summit.
The cult of the Amateurs was launched this week.

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Nilla said...

lol @ Simon Kolawole and Paula Adu.

RE: Chimamanda's book
Oya...quick quick, get your copy now! lol

The cult of amateurs?...I can't open the link now, i'll check it out later.

Omodudu said...
This post has been removed by the author.
diary of a G said...

thanks 4 the links
vote g 4 idol

Elle Woods said...

another book bout biafra.....doubt im missing much.

Naijadude said...

Not only you man. People have been blogging about the reviews long time ago but I never got to it. Read the award's news and was like...hmm okay! LOL

Hey, dont you think we need to chip in some change to get OBJ some helicopter??

AbujaBabe said...

Vote Abuja Babe! for your Blogville Idol!!

Miss Opeke said...

"Simon Kolawole and Paula Adu"...I love that...what abt the Randy and the last judge?

I should really go and order my own copy of Chimamanda's book...I don't want to let this story just pass me by...

Interestin' Post...

Thanks for the support...

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