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It is Friday, here are some links that tickled my fancy this week.
Time Magazine's photo essay on the inequality in Nigeria, was a stark reminder of the situation in Nigeria.
Scoop published a poetic letter by Asari-Dokubo supposedly written in detention.
BBC's piece on 40 years after the Biafra war, was quite balanced.
Naijablog's picture Iragbiji boys cracked me up.
Nigeria's new government was inaugurated, on the 29th.
The US government gave Nigeria some props for regulating copyright violators aka pirates.
BBC gave props to
solomonsydelle's Nigerian Proclamation. One down for blogville.
The main militant group in Nigeria's Niger Delta says it is willing to stop its violent campaign only if the new government frees its jailed kinsmen.
Forbes magazine's story on MTV turning to Africa for growth. Forbes also tell us about the Saudi King who sees what we Africans are yet to see.
Amnesty International put John Lenon's music to good use. A few music heavyweights throwing it down for Dafur, please check it out if you consider this type of efforts as charitable.
Luminosity promises to help increase your brain power, I hope it works for you.
Have a great weekend.

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DV said...

Thanks, something for my Friday relaxation.

Naija Vixen said...

Saw the Times photoessay aswell...uhmmm...thanks for the links...have a great weekend too.

Ugo Daniels said...

Hey 'sup dude. Hows da weekend gon be nah? Thanks for sharing. I def. has some catching up to do...lol!

Dee said...

Thanks for the re-cap. I’m sure all Nigerian bloggers and everyone that feels deeply for our beloved country had a lot to speak about this week. My gal S’Sydelle’s proclamation on BBC, the anniversary of the Biafran war, the inauguration…and now the stark realities of the photo essay; this week for me has just been all about Nigeria.

As for my Niger-Delta pips, it’s really interesting (and very encouraging) to see that they are willing to dialogue. Its good to know that they too are looking to give this administration a fair chance. I hope Yar’Adua steps quickly and takes care of that situation. Its gone on for way too long and has badly affected the economy (and image) of Nigeria more than Baba and his administration was willing to admit.

Thanks again

Bon weekend

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