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Blogging Anonymously? Really...

Can bloggers be truly anonymous? I do not think so, a few bloggers are steeled by the false veil of anonymity. Freely expressing opinions that would come full circle to bite them in the wrong spot. I feel a blog post should be written with the consciousness that the writer is public. The statement below caught my attention in a case reported by the Boston globe. Read full article here.

"Most of us investigate whatever prior writings our clients might have had, so they are not exposed to their inconsistencies in their testimony," said Meyer, who has begun warning clients against the practice. "But it's impossible to do if you don't know that your client is blogging under an assumed name."

For African bloggers, there may be unforeseen peril lurking, free speech is still a developing idea in the continent, African Governments aren't totally warmed to the idea that the citizenry have a right to speak. Do you see the Nigerian government going after a blogger, anytime soon? It happened in Egypt.
Side-bar (added 24 hours later)
Since the mainstream media in Nigeria appear to have an unwritten code to tread the safe route of caution. I think more focused blogs, with balanced op-eds have a great void to fill. However like with most blogs, the validity of claims made on blogs and the credibility of blogs will always be questionable.
In countries with more open and readily available information mechanisms, false claims are quickly tempered by the mainstream media or other bloggers. What happens in Nigeria where information isn't readily available and there has been a prolonged culture or secrecy? I believe citizen journalism is not about selling information but about using information to create value.
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The Nigerian BlogSpace: The Beautiful Blogs Are Not Yet Born...

Pardon me for biting off of Ayi Kwei Armah style, the idea was too irresistible. I'd like to play BloNgville police in this post. My opinion is that there is a lot of room for some advocacy blogs and even some more targeted personal blogs. Nigerian eMoms ought to stand up. Do you know there are is no single trade blog in blogsville? (If you know one let me Know)
That brings me to the main gist. Below are a few ideas of blog themes I'd like to see.
1. I'd like to see a Nigerian butcher blogging about the problems and the issues arising in the abbatoir's politics. I'd like to read complaints about the lorries that got stuck in traffic.
2. I'd like to see an Okada (motorbike) operator discussing issues relating to running an okada business in Lagos. I want these blogs complete with the vernacular and wrong spellings.
3. I'd like to see stay at home mums write about the rigors of daily life.
Some say I am a dreamer (biting the lyrics of a song), and you may have mentally crossed out the idea of an Okada rider at the cybercafe updating his blog. This scenario can be turned on its head, thereby making it feasible if there is a model that makes it worthwhile for him to do this. The ruling class have monopolized information for a long time on the African continent. Progress would be made less painful as more information gets democratized.
What would you like to see?
This post was inspired by Imnakoya's question.

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