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Rethinking Our National Garb...

What I am about to say will tick a few individuals off. Look at the picture above, do you see Umar? Inasmuch as we ought to protect our identity, tradition and the positive aspects of our culture. Does Umar's dress code fit snugly with the new global economy. I doubt that Nigerians are any more culturally conscious than the Japanese but we do not see Shinzo Abe rocking a Kosode. Do we?
I am not necessarily advocating for Mr. Yaradua putting on a suit, but I'd like to see him in something in the line of a trimmed down Kaftan, or in the case of Obasanjo 2.0 version of Buba and Sokoto. I'd like to see smarter outfits adopted as the National attire.
In the swift global economy image (packaging) is as important as the product which is offered.I find it hard to use technology and Babariga or Agbada in the same sentence. It projects an old school image which is no longer in tune with the socio-economic field in which we are hoping to become major players.
If tearing our politicians from their robes is just too painful to bare, can an able Nigerian designer provide us with a Babariga 2.0. Something like this will work just fine.

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