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Why? No comments On This One...

The article says it all, no comment. David Blaine has nothing on Nigerians.
Nigeria: Detained Greek Ship Escapes.

DETAINED Greek ship MT Triya has escaped from the Commodore Pool in Lagos, where it was being held.The escape from the country's territorial waters weekend exposed lapses on the part of relevant security agencies. Meanwhile, the Nigerian Navy absolved itself of any blame in the matter, saying the ship was never in its custody.MT Triya is said to have escaped with three Nigerian security personnel engaged by the Federal High Court's Admiralty Marshal guarding it. Read more.

The heat in Africa explains why Africa has not been as economic productive as the rest of the world. Exhibit A: Miss Rowland.

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Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of Nigerians

Akin said...

I am Nigerian, tired and sick.

ijebuman said...

"The heat in Africa explains why Africa has not been as economic productive as the rest of the world. Exhibit A: Miss Rowland."

you're on a slippery slope with this one LOL. You do realise that there are other parts of the world with similar weather (temperature and humidity)

Omodudu said...

Oh @Mr Ijebuman. That was a play on words. I have talked about this in the past. This was an incedence that occured in grad school back in '03. Where I had to fight my oyinbo teacher over that published work that I linked to. Some oyinbo economist beleive that for real. I was just giving them one more thing to add to their arsenal.
How body.

ijebuman said...

OD i dey o. I kind of suspected it was bait : - )

imnakoya said...

Oh there is a clear correlation between weather and continental economic prosperity.

Don't you think the more frigid climes in the northern hemisphere played some roles in shaping the orientation of the settlers in the region?

Their first lesson: They needed to plan ahead and work with the season (time) or they perish when the ground freezes during winter. Then they discover the need to generate heat during this time and they perfect the act over time – in their homes and automobiles.
Same thing they figured how to move snow and build their homes and infrastructure to withstand the freeze and thaw circle.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Africa is a "paradise" where almost every thing works perfectly well climate –wise. And what happened – we got complacent!

Omodudu said...

@Imnakoya, hmmm I beg to differ. Given that the methodology on that particular study itself is sort of fishy. They started from the premise that when Air conditioners became more widespread in the US there was a spike in productivity in the US. They broke the golden rule again. Cross country comparison are uhmmm..

imnakoya said...

My statement is not really based on the study since I don't have access to the full text, and I broaden the scope by using climate and weather, and not just "heat".

I also mentioned economic prosperity - a proxy for economic productivity...and my statement is based on circumstances in the northern hemisphere versus the Tropics.

BTW: Don't you think there will be some (positive) attitudinal changes in Africa if there is a prolonged and continual freeze/thaw cycle?

Africaincorp said...

I do not know about this book and its Pseudo-scientific theories. What is known for sure ( refer to ur museum, encyclopedia Brittanica, Wikipedia ) there has been numerous prosperous city states throughout the long history of the African continent.
The recent history of our nation has more to do with ,bad mangement that does what fools and imbeciles are known for, keeping doing what obviously does not work. Note that mangement includes the professionals, the public servants, the legislative body, the executive body, the army, the journalist, the scientists, the men and women of the arts, the farmers, and the business people.
The weather is a false issue, the Inca or Atzec if my sources of information are reliable have lived in a plush environment and have still manged to establish a rich and developed culture.
The European system allows for all to manifest their excellence, the system is not a meritocracy like some would love to believe ( networking, boys club, elite schools) but by accepting change of management and leadership they know very well that the society has a whole will benefit from it and that the true rulers ( the one that claim ownership to the ressources) will still be richer.
Think of an NBA team, the players ( shaq,jordan,Lebron,Kobe) are truly given a chance to excell
because their presence enhances the quality of the game and the NBA owners are the one making a kill with merchandising sales, ticket sales,royalties on syndicated video and audio content,etc..

The intelligent owners understand that by allowing( within a well thought system) others to manifest their intelligence and mental strength as well as getting well paid, they will get rwealthier themselves.

...toyintomato said...

..heat in Africa explains what! !..i hiss,....i smile at their ignorance, i decide not to waste my expensive education on this ridiculous train of thot.
sorry Omodudu,i wont even bother to comment,there really is no point

catwalq said...

i tried sending u an email. i need to ask u something.

catwalq said...

wait omodudu, u r saying that it is our climate that is adveresly affecting our soci-economic growth?!!!!

where is my cain. U need some serious flogging. denouncing your pple like that

יש (Yosh) said...

Hi man, I'm at OCJoshua2001[at]yahoo[dot]com

What r u doing with such dark fonts as "coolvetica"? For crying out loud it even has "cool" in its name...sheesh! :P

pamelastitch said...

no be beyonce perform in naija last year...did she faint...abeg, ppl need to have a grip!!

That person saying that they are sick and tired of Nigerians - na wetin you dey find here....

Now that said

Well, i just dropped by to let you know of a competition that is running at the africanloft.

Pls, participate.

Ps: 600 words is just a page..

Chxta said...

Looks like I arrived here late...

Exhibit B: Sean Combs...

Kafo said...

heat in Africa
heat in Africa


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