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Can blogging do for Nigeria what blogging did for the American elections? Will bloggers use their blogs as a tool for on-the-ground citizen journalism. Will bloggers post, up-to-the minute reports as the elections unfold? Will bloggers at least attempt to thwart the efforts of the individuals who have planned to rig the gubernatorial elections? Will bloggers take pictures and make videos of the pluses and minuses during the elections? Will we stop talking about our cats and shoes for one day, and focus on an issue that will determine how we live our lives in the next for years?
Snap a picture, make a video, write a comment. God bless you all.

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Chxta said...


Nilla said...

I'm in the country now, and I personally don't know anyone that is voting....some people told me they registered for the last election, and when they tried voting on the day of election, they did not find any polling boot (I know I spelt that wrong...lol), anywhere close to where they registered. I am not voting cos I wasn't around to register...

By the way happy birthday!! (I think i saw a comment about your birthday somewhere).


Your sentiment is shared by many. Hopefully we will see how bloggers react to the elections and if we step up.

I've been wondering how bloggers can have an impact on the elections. Not sure how, but I think that we have at least an additional week to try before the April 21st presidential elections. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Omodudu said...

Thanks Nilla.

Tobias Eigen said...

Hi -

Hope you are aware of the greenlightnigeria.org election blog and that Nigerians can use their mobile phones to help monitor the elections.

Best wishes, and here's hoping for a peaceful election tomorrow.



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