Feed Me Slowly?

I am being invaded by rss feeds. I read everything, yet I read nothing. There is so much information coming in at me, that it has become overwhelming, and for an information hog like myself thing have become pretty unmanageable. I have 196 feeds on my reader, beside feeds from aggregators such as nigeranbloggers, muti, afrigator, digg etc.
I need to enroll in a twelve step program that will help me when it comes to letting go of my dear information. It is true that user generated content has opened up the internet in unimaginable way, but the sheer volume of the noise and borderline spamming on the internet is overwhelming. How do you deal with feeds?
At what point do you say enough of this feeds?
At what point does the value of time exceed the value of the information consumed? (actually the first differential of those quantities)
I need help.

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km said...

You are right there are so many blogs out there. I never get the time to read them.

Boso said...

I've got 139 feeds, but I'm doing my best to read them all as often as I can. Come one man. you can do it.

Nilla said...

Chei ya...sorry!

I don't use rss feeds, but I feel you on too much information.

imnakoya said...

http://fourhourworkweek.com/blog/... sorry another link for you, but you may find some great insight there.

Must you read everything?

chidi said...

really there are so many blogs that i actually get confused sometimes as to which ones i normally visit

Omodudu said...

@km thanks for coming by, its ony a matter of time before you feel start feeling overwhelmed.
@boso, ugh thats bad advice
@nilla wow
@imnakoya thanks once again for the link i appreciated.

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

Am i allowed to laugh? Infact, why am i asking sef. Lemme laugh my laugh jere. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Tayo said...

This is amusing! Unfortunately, I'm headed down the same path. My feeds are loaded into my Firefox Toolbar folder and I had to pack all of them into a sub menu. Just about 50 now though. I've learnt to read fast and to scan through the whole post and assimilate the important things quickly ... and still have read enough to be able to leave a relevant comment. E no easy o!

Elle Woods said...



Like nilla, I don't do feeds. Anyway, you have accomplished the first step necessary towards the cure, you have admitted yo have a problem. lol. Come to think about it, hat needs to be my hustele - creating a 12 tep program to help the "geeks" (elle woods said it, not me) unwind and efficiently traverse the information highway for their own good.

Thanks, Omodudu, for the idea.

Kafo said...

i love the whole differential thing.
Priorities, u need to narrow them down.
Pick the people that appeal to you must and stick to them, hearing 10 ppl. talk about the same thing is a waste of time. it's like watching CNN, Fox and MSNBC report on a particular story.

This helped mii cut my feeds down .


TRAE said...

in this age not using/subscribing to feeds as a blogger is akin to using a diskette to store information while everyone else is using USBs and CDs. it's not something to be proud of.

i concur with Kafo. sort out your priorities, downscale and remain loyal. you'd be suprise how benefitting it could be.

here's a helpful tip: ask yourself will it really take anything away from me if i don't read this blogpost?
was this blogpost really helpful? were the two minutes spent reading it worth it? or would it have been better spent doing something else?

take me as an example: Nigerian blogs plenty but no be me go read everything, so i only subscribe to 22 Nigerian blog feeds, which to me are the best of the bests.

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