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TouchGraph Browser

Pretty little browser. It displays search results in a funky little chart that shows the relationships of the results. Of course I had some fun by searching for the keyword 'Omodudu'. As you must have noticed I am experiencing a strain of blogger burnout right now. Catch y'all later.


Dudu's Speedlinks...

It is Friday, here are some links that tickled my fancy this week.
Time Magazine's photo essay on the inequality in Nigeria, was a stark reminder of the situation in Nigeria.
Scoop published a poetic letter by Asari-Dokubo supposedly written in detention.
BBC's piece on 40 years after the Biafra war, was quite balanced.
Naijablog's picture Iragbiji boys cracked me up.
Nigeria's new government was inaugurated, on the 29th.
The US government gave Nigeria some props for regulating copyright violators aka pirates.
BBC gave props to
solomonsydelle's Nigerian Proclamation. One down for blogville.
The main militant group in Nigeria's Niger Delta says it is willing to stop its violent campaign only if the new government frees its jailed kinsmen.
Forbes magazine's story on MTV turning to Africa for growth. Forbes also tell us about the Saudi King who sees what we Africans are yet to see.
Amnesty International put John Lenon's music to good use. A few music heavyweights throwing it down for Dafur, please check it out if you consider this type of efforts as charitable.
Luminosity promises to help increase your brain power, I hope it works for you.
Have a great weekend.


Wallstrip Interviews Jimmy Wales(wikipedia)...

He talks about censoring, and web ethics. Only one mention of the word African.


Meme From Way Back...

Time is now measured in the weight of gold in Duduland, I have decided to put my draft folder to good use. Here is one of those memes I have had sitting in my draft folder since 10/24/06.
Mortgage guy
Tisha Tisha
Health-care Project Manager glorified yo man
Library Assistant kai this one was hard
F1 Driver
Classical music conductor/composer
Rebel Leader
Naija Politician without the drama though
Hardly watch movies though;
A Beautiful Mind
Soul Plane, I am a sucker for silly movies
The Longest Day
( chronologically)
NY/Amityville, yay horror movie
Chicago that's where it goes down
Tunis so so I am indifferent
Abidjan I love this city
Mad Money
Design Remixed
Designer Finals
google ( reader/news)
Pounded Yam
I am not into food like that, sort of an abstemious fella.
Pile of books on the floor to be read someday
Nothing else but the regular bedroom stuff, I am a minimalist, annoyingly clutter-phobic
Frown - like what kinda question is this
Making noise in Naija
The Nigeria I dream about everyday, where things work, life and property is safe, where public office holders embezzle only 10 percent of budgetary allocations. LOL.
Condoleeza Rice
Warren Buffet
Mr Yaradua (newly added)
This is a waste of time
Whoever reads all this stuff
Hard to believed I got sucked into this
My computer
My free time
My Ragdoll


Four Links For Your Tuesday Enjoyment...

This article about spending a month offline is worth reading, highly recommended for bloggers thinking about quitting the blog-space.
One of my favorite living economist, writing about subsidizing marriage.
Great article addressing the failure of blogs. I do not think we have the idea of a successful blog down, talk less of blog failure. I think the article should have been titled why do bloggers fail.
Check this out, the title says it all; How Not To Become A Grumpy Old Blogger. was featured in Techcrunch today. There was no mention of the sites founder, really there was no reason to do this, but I will go ahead and do it anyway. Have a great Tuesday.
I messed up my stylesheet, I will get it fixed by the weekend, bare with me.


Senora Goofing Off On The Mic...

My friend goofing off on the mic.
If you have trouble with the link copy and paste this link:


The Treatment

If you are in the New York area, you should see The Treatment. A movie adapted for the screens by Daniel Housman. Daniel's is working on another movie with some Nigerian content. Info is on the website above.


Feed Me Slowly?

I am being invaded by rss feeds. I read everything, yet I read nothing. There is so much information coming in at me, that it has become overwhelming, and for an information hog like myself thing have become pretty unmanageable. I have 196 feeds on my reader, beside feeds from aggregators such as nigeranbloggers, muti, afrigator, digg etc.
I need to enroll in a twelve step program that will help me when it comes to letting go of my dear information. It is true that user generated content has opened up the internet in unimaginable way, but the sheer volume of the noise and borderline spamming on the internet is overwhelming. How do you deal with feeds?
At what point do you say enough of this feeds?
At what point does the value of time exceed the value of the information consumed? (actually the first differential of those quantities)
I need help.


Why Use Your Head...Highrisehq

There is no point in memorizing tasks and due dates. Why waste your energy on stuff that your computer can do for you. Highrisehq a free task and light project management web tool that I have used since it launched. It has made my life so much easier and now my contacts think of me as a smarter individual than I am. It does your tasks, perfect with contacts, excellent with history, its web-based so it goes everywhere with you, it sends you sms when tasks are due. If you are too broke to get bootcamp, this is the tool for you. This is my public service to all budding entrepreneurs on a budget. Check out the other products the guys at 37 signals offer. Seriously, I was not paid to do this. LOL.


A Warm Earth Day To You...

Have a warm Earth Day, its sunny and bright over here in New York and the concert in Brooklyn (which I am not attending, blame Kobe and Nash) should be kicking right about now.
I am a late comer to the Save the Earth Movement, a part of me lay the blame of the warming earth at the door-steps of the more well off residents of this planet. I tend to believe the World Huger Day, and the World No Infrastructure Day has a greater impact on the life of my brothers and sisters than the Earth Day. However to fulfill my obligation as a resident of this planet here goes my Earth Day Post.
Beginning of post...
Keep an eye on your energy footprint. Thank You.
End of Post...
I saw a Princeton professor on tv, and he claimed that ethanol as a more efficient energy source was a farce. Does anybody know anything about this?
Have a great work week.


Chip of the Old Bloc'

Isn't it fascinating how children grow up, vowing never to become like their parents, "when I grow up I will allow my kids lick as much ice-cream they want to'. However as if drawn by an invisible hand we end up gravitating towards Chief O, Mr. O or Dr. O. Becoming mini versions of our folks. Driving through the dusty desert roads of Khartoum with my dad, I swore time without number that I would never listen to the news (BBC News) when I grew up. I disliked the news because he wouldn't let me listen to my KrissKross tape in the car. Driving to work this morning, I found myself listening to NPR paying keen attention to the debates in congress like my life depended on it. Then like a light bulb it struck me I have become him. The Apple never falls too far from the tree, shey?


Mind Your Spelling...

Someone will surely get fired for this, need I say more. Link to the Story.


A puck, 2 Nigerians and a Bajillion White People...

Call me bush, maybe untush, until now I had never been to an NHL (ice-hokey) game. I was at a Penguins vs. Islander game recently and it was fun. Though it started a bit slow not unlike a soccer match, the tempo quickly rose and before I knew what was going on I was thoroughly having fun. Mid-way into the match/bout/game (dunno what its officially called), the home team scored, the entire stadium was on its feet, I was a bit hesitant because I was uncertain about shouting GOALLLLLLLLL! only to be told there isn't such a thing as 'goal' in ice-hokey. Hm JJC. I enjoyed the mini-fights between players of opposing teams which played out through the entire game. Up till now I am still unsure about what part of the game produced the biggest adrenaline rush, the goals or the fights.
At the end of the game I was tempted to scream "3 Gbosa for the Islanders", but I didn't. The entire stadium would have looked at me in amazement as if a new race of humans had just been discovered. What did I take away from the entire game? It may be true that white men can't jump, black men can't skate either.
I have attached a video as evidence. I was in second row... BALLING!!! I dedicate that last bit of razzness to my NY people.



I am (see report below), almost accurate I must say. You pick a series of pictures, Imagini spits out a report on your personality type. Try it. I doubt it their algorithm works very well for Apuruka Nigerians like me.


Incest LEGAL?

Where have I been? when did they start this nonsense?
Napoleon abolished France's incest laws in 1810. Neither is it a crime in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Portugal or Turkey. Japan, Argentina and Brazil have also legalised it in recent years. Read here..
Oh my gosh. I AM SO MAD! FURIOUS! LIVID! AAARRRRGGGHHHHHHHH! give me a word please! DISGUSTED, on the verge of PUKING! ARRRRRRRGGGGGGH! what is going on? whats happening to this world? So I'm watching TV tonight trying to unwind after work and this nonsense pops up on my screen
A German brother and sister are challenging the law against incest so that they can continue their relationship free from the threat of imprisonment.
Patrick Stübing, an unemployed locksmith, and his sister Susan have had four children together since starting a sexual relationship in 2000.(EEEEUUUUWWWW) Three of the children are in foster care, and two have unspecified disabilities.
Baba God- have mercy......


What was your first car?

I swiped this from Q and O, the responses on there, were quite interesting, I could not resist the temptation to put this up.
Mine was; a white Datsun Cherry, 1991, 5 speed manual transmission, nickname 'Okere' (squirrell). Very good on gas, which did not matter much, gas was 70 or 90 kobo per liter.
What was you first car?
Have a lovely weekend.


C me c trouble o

So I woke up with a stiff neck, looking like a retard and crying in between because it hurt so bad when I moved the wrong way.
I have the day off, 9 to 5ers don;t hate o. Anyways jejeli I was lying in my bed when I heard a knock on the door, lol I was startled because me I no invite anybody o, so I rush to my door take note rushed o, ngwanu what if I tell you papapa key was in the door, both locks open , door swinging open. OH MY GOSH! I was livid, needless to say I was not "clothed" for company(last time I checked thats the benefit of paying rent and living by yourself), ehn see me running lol with half a neck slammed the door right in whoever it was face before they could see me lol its funny now sha.
I looked through the peep hole, there were two men outside, one of them I recognized as the maintenance man (who gives me the creeps anyways) talking about water audit that should have been completed the last 2 days according to the notice they left. I wasn;t home so I figured it was done already.
My people mo ya ri o, told them another day o, but definitley not today. So me and office dey call each other at the smae time, I told the lady, notice or no notice, you knock and wait for a response not just walk your tail in my apartment (I promise I told her in a nicer way lol I think) where's the privacy? I told her they knocked once and attempted to walk right in before I could even make it to the door. You know wetin oyinbo pepper tell me? She said well, we have so many units to audit and they are not going to knock and wait there all day 4 u to answer the door CAN YOU IMAGINE? what part of what I said didn;t she understand, I even gave her the scenario, put her gan self in the scenario, oti o? LOL I'm glad I can laugh now because I wasn;t laughing then



A Nigerian adage says, "a child that who has never left his fathers house assumes his fathers farm is the best in the land". I do read some regional or country specific blogs, especially South Africa and Indian blogs, and I must say, West-African bloggers have some catching up to do. Check out the level of organization of the Indian bloggers, who recently concluded their Oscar, oops sorry Indiebloggies. I was glad that Dey my favorite Indian blogger won. I also dig the Mumbai blogger, I know quite a bit about Mumbai now, LOL. I envy the intensity and the level of discourse on these blogs. Over time Blogs like Chaat, have come to shape the way I view the rest of the world. CNN can only show you so much, fellas and fellees are quite passionate about their country and blogging about their country. India is a far far away place from Africa, a country we only hear about in the news. Lets zoom in on SA bloggers for a minute like web addict , White African, and many others hehehe.


Vista: The Wow Stopped On My Desk...

At work today, I tried out a new Dell desktop that came pre-installed with Windows Vista. After two hours of playing with and exploring the OS, my verdict is hmm, I am so not wow-ed. Its too similar to XP, and the whole liquid GUI is so played out. I am talking strictly from the computer user's point of view, I do not care about what is under the hood. I want to get my job done, and have a pleasant experience with my apps, while doing this. The Wow factors on the Internet is way ahead of the Vista. It's like buying a souped up mustang and a few days later you discover it will arrive in a '99 chassis.
Oh! and the security pop-ups, don't even get me started, Mr gates and is group are out to protect you from your own self. I think the cost of this measures on the user experience far outweighs any breach that could possibly occur. Really who reads all those pop-ups, over time you just click yes, yes, yes.
Hmm this was also my first experience with Intel's dual core processors, I still feel like my laptop feels faster though. I suspect the whole dual core thing is really relevant to the number of simultaneous processes you can have running. Dunno too much about this things.
Before you shell some dough for Vista, remember you aren't buying anything but the Wow.


One Night With The King..

I saw this movie over the weekend, hmm BORING. I know it is Esther's story and it is a story from the bible, however the delivery was below par. The acting was uninspiring, the King was 100% stereotype. The only thing that was on point was the props, the prop guys delivered the ancient times theme to the 'T'. Jet Li's Fearless was awesome. The Garfield movie was hilarious but a bit played out, the franchise ought to be retired, the first one rocked . ATL was nice too.
Oldest BloNGer.
Oldest BloNGer crown returns to Boso (oops.. Akin), with a post dating August 08, 2003. Evidence here. I am secretly hoping to find an older post, King Boso must go.

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